We don’t believe in compromising health, productivity, or fun.

When you’re busy adulting, you don’t have time for hangovers. So we figured out a healthy solution that still lets you have your fun. We’ve concocted the ideal combination of premium, all-natural ingredients to prevent a hangover before it ever hits.

We help your body stay one step ahead of your hangover.

Good Times helps break down the main toxins behind your hangover symptoms. It helps you get restful sleep and reduces the potential for headaches. It even helps increase your energy level in the morning.


Our ingredients have been carefully formulated to break down alcohol-induced toxins, replenish vital nutrients, and protect your liver. You can thank the DHM and B Vitamins for helping you bounce back to your regular self in the morning. 

If you’re as excited about nerding out on the science as we are, feel free to take a deeper dive.

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