Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Good Times with medication?
While Good Times is a safe and natural product, it’s best to consult with your doctor before taking any new vitamins and supplements to avoid harmful interactions with medications and negative side effects. 

Does Good Times contain caffeine?
Good Times does not contain caffeine, or any other stimulants.  It does, however, have ingredients such as Taurine and B vitamins that naturally improve energy levels without giving you the jitters and withdrawal afterwards. 

Does Good Times prevent intoxication?
Although Good Times can help the body metabolize alcohol quicker, it does not magically remove alcohol from the bloodstream, and the severity of intoxication will occur depending on the amount of alcohol consumed. Please drink responsibly. Taking Good Times is not a reason to drink excessively, or more than you normally would. 

Does Good Times contain common allergens? 
Good Times is free of all common allergens including wheat, soy, nuts, eggs, gluten, lactose, and shellfish.

What is the recommended dose and how do I take it?
We recommend taking 2 capsules (1 pack) before your first drink—to prevent inflammation, oxidative stress, and better equip the body to process alcohol—and another 2 capsules right before bed to replenish lost vitamins and minerals and reduce hangover severity. 

Is Good Times approved by the FDA?
Because supplements are classified as food products and not medications, they are not regulated by the FDA. Good Times is, however, produced in an FDA and GMP registered facility, and products are certified lab tested for quality and potency. They are also heavy metal-tested to assure the safety and efficacy of our product.  

How much can I drink while taking Good Times?
Although Good Times may help with hangover severity, we do not recommend drinking over your limit. The amount of alcohol tolerated varies from each individual, and that amount does not change by taking Good Times. We recommend having fun, but also being safe and smart. 

Can I take Good Times if I have dietary restrictions? 
Good Times is a vegan supplement free of gluten, lactose, sugar, preservatives, yeast, nuts, and soy. Please read the ingredients list or consult with your doctor to make sure that you will not have an adverse reaction.

I have more questions about the science—who can I contact? 
Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns. 

Who can take Good Times?
Good Times was made for busy adults who enjoy having fun but don’t have the time to deal with a hangover the next day. But anyone looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle or looking for extra liver protection can take it. If you are concerned about taking Good Times, consult with your doctor to make sure Good Times is safe for you. 

Are there any side effects from taking Good Times?
Good Times has no known side effects and has been tested for consumer safety. However it’s recommended to talk to your doctor or medical physician to avoid any side effects.